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CHRA 743115 EN

TRCH033 Cartridge 3,0 CDI (R6) 130kW/177Hp 150kW/204Hp


Application in turbochargers: 743115-5001S, 743115-0001, 743115-1, 743115-5003S, 743115-0003, 743115-3

OE:  A6480960199, 6480960199, A648096019980, 648096019980

modelS-klasse E-klasse
silnikOM 648 DE 32 LA (R6)
moc130kW/177HP 150kW/204HP
rocznik2002 - 2006
Additional information

Brand new Cartridge (core) turbocharger, dynamically balanced, with a set of gaskets, ready for assembly.

24 months warranty.

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